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PT. Espresso Italia - SAECO Indonesia

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PT. Espresso Italia - SAECO Indonesia
PT. Espresso Italia - SAECO Indonesia
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Name:Mr. Thio Teddy [Marketing]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Thio Teddy at Jakarta Pusat
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Thio Teddy at Jakarta Pusat
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Thio Teddy at Jakarta Pusat
Address:Jalan Cideng Timur No. 50E
Jakarta Pusat 10160, Jakarta
Distributor resmi mesin kopi Saeco dari Italia ; Authorized distributor of Saeco Coffee Machines from Italy
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Registration Date:Oct. 11, 2010
Last Updated:May. 07, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Food & Beverage category

Company Brief

PT. Espresso Italia is the one and only authorized distributor for SAECO Coffee Machine ( from Italy) in Indonesia. We provide full range service from sales to after sales. If you want to have coffee machine that can produce cafe-style coffee products such as espresso, black coffee, cappuccino, cafe latte, etc; you can contact us immediately. Our clients are mainly coffee shop owners, hotels, restaurants, offices, and also households.
If you want, you could also set up a meeting with us in our sales and service center at Jalan Cideng Timur No. 50E, Central Jakarta, 10160.

Best regards,
Thio Teddy
Business Development
marketing@ saeco-id.com
0899 88 73 805

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